After lots of thought, I have decided that Book Fridge is going to be laid to rest. This will be my last post. There are a few reasons why, the most prominent being that I simply don’t have time to devote to it, which is clearly evident in the haphazard timeline of my post history.

Having spent the last three years happily promoting others’ books, I’m going to spend some time trying to write another one of my own. A partial short fiction manuscript has been neglected for quite some time, and might have even erased itself from my jump drive as it is obviously useless. Pieces of creative non-fiction are starting to finish themselves. Piles of books that I’m dying to read are resting spots for cat toys, coffee stains, and phone chargers.

Time to put some time into all those projects as well as the host of others I want to explore and promote like my fabulous new job, my questionable physical health, and my devoted love for the food, music, and literary culture of St. John’s.

Thanks to all the publishers, authors, and followers who have supported BF these past three years.

Happy reading.


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