Book Fridge is turning two years old in March and the past two years have been super fun. I went from being an e-reader snob to loving my own Kindle baby, not even owning a cell phone to updating my blogs on an iPhone and iPad. I had no idea what WordPress or Website Tonight were about, and I definitely didn’t understand what it meant to add a Twitter widget to a sidebar.

When I started Book Fridge I wanted it to be a place where booklovers could get book suggestions no matter what the genre or topic. No elitist conversations. No snooty huffing about chick lit. No book selection censorship. I read whatever I want and we all should. As long as we’re reading (and buying) is good enough for me. While I’m continuing many of the features of the ‘old’ BF, I’d like some ideas about what readers would like to see. More political stuff? More poetry? More vlogs? Less giveaways (said no one ever)? Should I swear on my vlogs? How can I get authors to promote their books in the nude? These are the things I wonder about. So who knows what the next year will bring but I’m going to keep trying new things until stuff naturally fits into place.

Promote Book Fridge somehow over the next week or so via Twitter or Facebook, comment, share, like or follow, and I’ll enter your name to win a copy of “Bruce’ by Peter A. Carlin. This is one time where I’m endorsing a book I haven’t read–something BF never does–and it’s because The Boss himself, well, Twitter’s version of him, is following BF. Reason enough to celebrate, am I right?


Thanks everyone and keep reading!


2 thoughts on “It’s my party and I’ll read if I want to

  1. Geez Kerri, so great to read your website! I just so happen to be reading Bruce’s book now and let me tell you for all you Rock n’ Roll freaks out there, this books summs it all up! Being a Bruce fan helps to. The book is addictive! Hope you are well. Rock on.

    Kellyp at the Radio

    • Kelly, so great to hear from you! I hope you’re well. Yeah, I figured you’d be reading that book. I hear it’s olid. Unfortunately, I will have to order it again for me. This copy is strictly for giveaway purposes. I read somewhere though that there’s some stuff in there about his struggle with depression. Who knew? Even Bruce Springsteen gets depressed. Someone needs to write a poem or story about that. Take care.

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