NL Reads 2013 has come to a close and the winner has been crowned. Thanks to everyone who participated, commented, shared and read. In this week’s vlog, I talk about the win, give away some books as well as review a couple others.

SPOILER: You should watch the video before continuing.

Dave Sullivan had this to say on West Moon’s win: First and foremost I would like to acknowledge the other writers and their representatives. This province is blessed with so much literary talent, and from my experience at the Sparks Literary Festival. . . that well of talent is in no danger of drying up any time soon. A special thank you to Roger Maunder (Inside, Kenneth J Harvey), Michelle Butler Hallett (Straight Razor Days, Joel Thomas Hynes), Jerry Stamp (Galore, Michael Crummey), Angela Antle (Annabel, Kathleen Winter).

Throughout my life I have always been careful about the causes I champion. It’s a short list of things that affect me personally: The Great War, Special Olympics and the equality and rights of individuals with intellectual challenges being the most prevalent. Al Pittman’s West Moon
fuels a fire and a passion in me just as bright as any cause I’ve chosen to stand behind. It scratches at the scab that hastily covers one of the boldest and controversial moves by our government since the decision to join Canada in ’49. Al’s poetry doesn’t interfere with the history, it transports it in through your eyes and ears, straight into your blood and it weaves its way through each and every artery, vein and chamber. Al was a mentor, a friend and a man I will never forget for as long as I pass breath and write my mind. I am so proud his work has been chosen, I hope more people will be able to experience this work as a result. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

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