sarahseleckySarah Selecky could be Canada’s “next Alice Munro” says Chatelaine. That in itself should be introduction enough. But wait, there’s more. She was nominated for the Giller for This Cake is for the Party and recently snagged the CBC Bookie Award for Best New Writer, and this week Sarah is giving some of her time to The Fridge. This stop is one of seven in Sarah’s e-tour itinerary, and she’s promised a lucky reader their own piece of “this cake.” If you comment on this post, she will enter your name to win a copy of her book and, even better, if you follow her e-tour and comment on all the articles, you could win an e-reader. See Sarah’s website for all the info. 

Reading now:  The Selected Stories of Lydia Davis. She’s outrageous. I read her stories and think, “Wait – you can do that?”

Next in line on your shelf: Truth and Beauty, by Ann Patchett. I love this story about the friendship between two writers so much, I have read it again.

Everyone should read: Teaching a Stone to Talk, by Annie Dillard. It makes you see the world differently.

Three books you’d want with you on a desert island: When Things Fall Apart, by Pema Chodron; Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott; What it is, by Lynda Barry. Because I imagine I’ll need some comfort and reassurance if I’m trapped on a desert island.

A character you’d like in your life: Dave Eggers’ Stephen, the dog who writes letters.  

Guilty pleasure: The Adrian Mole series, by Sue Townsend.

Shameless plug: I’m very excited to read Zsuzsi Gartner’s new book of stories, Better Living Through Plastic Explosives.

A book that reminds you of home: Oxygen, by Annabel Lyon. I have read and reread those stories so many times, they feel like home to me.

A book that got left behind: How Should A Person Be? by Sheila Heti. This book blew my mind – it is brave, and honest, and beautifully written, and it breaks all the rules. I was disappointed that people weren’t talking about it that much. I think Heti is a true artist. And the purpose of the artist is to break and redefine boundaries. Sometimes the world isn’t ready for that, I guess.

One you wish you had written: That one still exists in my mind. Too soon to talk about it!

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