Nicole Lundrigan B&W-11Nicole is the author of four novels: UNRAVELING ARVA, THAW, THE SEARY LINE, and GLASS BOYS. Her literary fiction has been selected as a Top Ten pick by the Globe and Mail, Top 100 Books by Amazon.ca, was long-listed for the Relit Award, and given honourable mention for the Sunburst Award. She resides in Ontario with her husband and three children.

Reading now: Stories about Storytellers, by Douglas Gibson

Next on your shelf: The Homecoming of Samuel Lake, by Jenny Wingfield

Everyone should read: Not read, really, but everyone should experience The Arrival, by Shaun Tan.

Three books you’d want with you on a desert island: A Children’s Book Treasury, Complete Works of William Shakespeare, and the Bible

A character you’d like in your life: The son from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. We’d get a bunk bed, and make some room for him.

Guilty Pleasure: Reading Geronimo Stilton to my children, and getting a kick out of the stories.

Shameless Plug: I’m looking forward to A Matter of Life or Death or Something by Ben Stephenson.

A book that reminds you of home: Down by Jim Long’s Stage, by Al Pittman. There’s magic in that book.

A book that got left behind: February by Lisa Moore

One you wish you’d written: So many, but House of Sand and Fog, by Andre Dubus III, comes to mind at this moment.

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