this cakeThis Fridge Club selection was a bit different in that it’s the first short story collection we’ve done. The fantastic thing about shorts is that they are like the perfect chocolate truffle. You can suck on them for as long as you want, let them melt over your tongue, you can savour them or gobble them up depending on the craving. And this was the perfect Fridge Club book to end 2011: robust, evocative and delicious.

Sarah Selecky’s name sounds like the name of an author whose work you want to read. You can’t help but feel sexy saying that name. I think I’m love with her name. I’m also in love with cake, This Cake and all others. Her stories in This Cake Is for the Party tell of characters whose lives are unraveling in some way. They deal with loss, decipher the way they feel about their partners, cheat, lose someone. We see them grapple with their everyday lives, sip wine, have sex, touch a cat, create art, contemplate parenthood, kiss.

The thing that makes Selecky so great is that her writing is so intimate. While reading her words, you think, this has been written just for me. It’s like she’s whispering the story in your ear.

And, I think one of these stories is the home of the best first paragraph I’ve ever read. No joke. It’s the opening paragraph of Where Are You Coming From, Sweetheart?, my favorite from this collection. After I finished the last sentence I exhaled deeply and let out a sigh that is made up of longing for more story yet is one of completeness from a story well told. There are only a few writers who do that to me, and now Sarah Selecky is added to that list.

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