1. Take a book with you in your bag/briefcase/man-purse at all times. Have a mass market paperback or e-reader so you can whip it out whenever you get some extra time.

2. While waiting for a prescription, browse the book aisle or magazine section in your local drugstore.

3. Read your way through long line-ups at coffee shops or long waits at bus stops.

4. If you like watching television, mute the commercials and read during the break. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done.

5. You can finish entire books if you read in airport line-ups, waiting at gates, and during your flight. PS. It’s also a good distraction for the nervous flyer.

6. Go to bed fifteen minutes early each night to read.

7. Instead of going to a restaurant for lunch, go to a bookstore that’s attached to or near a coffee shop, grab a sandwich and browse the shelves.

8. Take your lunch outside, find a picnic table and a place to set your book while you munch.

9. If you’re the type of person that’s ready to go in the morning before everyone else in your house, instead of standing there looking at your watch, sit and read a page or two.

10. Listen to an audio book while at the gym or flip through a mag while doing your cardio.

11. Choose books/genres that you thoroughly enjoy and want to pick up.

12. Set aside one “alone” lunch a week where you treat yourself to a nice meal and a good book.

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