living dollsIn Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism (2010), Natasha Walter posits that now more than ever women are more defined by their sexual allure. Through her research that includes classics like A Vindication of the Rights of Women (Wollstonecraft, 1792) and The Second Sex (Beauvoir, 1949) and mainstream shows and magazines like Sex and The City, The L-Word, Playboy, Californication, and even the reality hit Big Brother, Walter uses such subjects as prostitution, porn, princesses, hormones, stereotypes, and more to focus on the idea that Determinism is gaining strength in Western society. She argues against Determinism saying that men and women are not predisposed to certain roles no matter what some media moguls and researchers try to make us think. In Living Dolls you’ll find lots of substantial arguments, insights and commentary. You’ll also get some ideas about what you can do to change the face of the living doll. Walter puts forth a complicated group of arguments in simple terms which makes Living Dolls a great read for anyone looking to determine where they stand on such issues.

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